Throwback to 1995!

Here’s one of our residents who passed away last year, with his wife and friends on his 75th birthday, at one of our concerts, and lastly, at his job in 1995 when he met Muhammad Ali! We really have some fantastic residents, families, staff and volunteers at Cerenity, and are grateful every day for the positivity everyone brings.


75th Birthday celebration at Cerenity Humboldt
His “girls” visiting him from work. They gave him the daisies pictured, and he did not want to let them go, and only did so to put them in water after his wife had to talk him into it.
He snuck away from working a catering gig, to meet Muhammad Ali in 1995! His intrepid spirit paid off.


Please join us for celebrating and recognizing our Cerenity Humboldt family, at our Gala October 11th at the Landmark Center