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Your gift to Cerenity Senior Care helps support events, activities, and special purchases. Federal and state funding only provides for the basics. Your generous donation allow us further enhance quality of life for our residents.

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Ways To Give


Donate by mail:

We make it easy to donate to the Cerenity Senior Care campus of your choice. You can donate online or print a donation form and mail it to the address noted on the form. We are grateful for your support.

Donate online:

Donate to Cerenity Senior Care-Humboldt

You make a big impact on our residents!

We need you. Our resident rooms in our care center need updated flooring, new window treatments, and repaired walls with refreshed paint. These updates will make the rooms a better place to live and will become a haven of comfort and peace for those that live in them, for those in the end stage of life. But, we cannot do this work without you.

We hope that you will consider supporting us with your financial gift. You will help the residents of Cerenity-Humboldt who are often at their most vulnerable state in life with chronic health problems. Their physical environment can reduce their suffering and improve their quality of life. You help address environmental factors that support residents’ physical, psychological and social needs by supporting these much needed improvements.


Donate to Cerenity Senior Care-Marian of Saint Paul

Your gifts today make for a better tomorrow

Whether you choose to designate your gift to a special purpose or make your gift in memory of a loved one, please know that with each gift, you are furthering the Cerenity-Marian of Saint Paul Mission and helping someone’s loved one live their lives more fully in our community, where health, independence and choice come to life.

We are grateful for every gift to the Cerenity-Marian of Saint Paul Foundation because you’re enhancing our ability to serve our residents. Thank you for your help in providing this critical funding.


Donate to Cerenity Senior Care-White Bear Lake

You give seniors their independence.

You are so important to seniors who are in need of assisted living. We have been working hard on renovations in our assisted living apartments to better serve our residents. Modifications are needed to ensure we stay compliant with new ADA regulations. But, more importantly these modifications and renovations give seniors in White Bear Lake and the surrounding communities a place that provides the care that they need and a sense of independence. Please check out the video of an apartment that we have renovated:

(click to view)

Our work is not done, we have 21 apartments left to renovate. With you, we can continue to our renovations. We hope that you will consider supporting us with your financial gift. You are important to our residents. You are important to White Bear Lake and the surrounding communities, because you help create a place that can care for our seniors in need from the community at large.

To make a donation, click the link above for Cerenity Senior Care-White Bear Lake to donate or download and print the form above to mail in a check.


To learn more about Cerenity Humboldt Foundation and Cerenity White Bear Lake Foundation, please contact:

Julie Thelen
Foundation Development Director
[email protected]

Cerenity Senior Care-Humboldt
512 Humboldt Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55107

Cerenity Senior Care-White Bear Lake
1900 Webber Street
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

To learn more about Cerenity Marian Foundation, please contact:

[email protected]

Cerenity Senior Care-Marian of Saint Paul
200 Earl Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106