Nourishing your spirit and soul.

Spiritual Care

Cerenity Senior Care recognizes that a person’s spirit also needs nurturing to assist in restoring health and wellness. Cerenity Senior Care offers spiritual care in a variety of ways. Mass, rosary, Bible study, nondenominational services and one-on-one pastoral care are offered to all residents and tenants. On-site spiritual care staff is available to respond in times of loss and crisis, and in times of personal joy and celebration. Spiritual support is also provided to family members, caregivers and staff.

Cerenity Senior Care is committed to partnering with you and your loved one on this journey of life. Please feel free to contact one of Cerenity Senior Care’s chaplains at any time.

Rev. Steven P. Larson, OWSa,

Cerenity Humboldt
[email protected]

Ann Gonzales, BSN, FCN, Pastoral RN

Cerenity White Bear Lake
[email protected]

Chaplain Grace Anderson

Cerenity Marian
[email protected]