Making a difference

Imagine your 92 year old father is living in a senior living community.  He thrives on the social community gatherings, daily Mass and visiting with friends over dinner. Now picture almost overnight his routine has been disrupted. He’s asked to social distance from his neighbors, meals are now delivered to his room, and he can no longer attend Mass.  Imagine he is communicating to you via whiteboard, video chat or a phone call through window because you’re not allowed to visit him or hug him due to the nature of this pandemic.

The uncertainty of this is unsettling and stressful for many.  For the elderly the isolation and change in routine can bring about anxiety, stress and depression.

Associates are working tirelessly to ensure the mental emotional and physical needs of each and every resident is met.  Associates are working diligently to offer creative solutions to engage with residents.  Some of these include video calls to family via laptop and Ipads, room-to-room snacks and treats, assorted games, and special meals catered in (which also supports the local restaurants).

Your gift today to the Cerenity-Marian of Saint Paul Foundation will directly impact resident needs during these uncertain times.  Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and can make a big difference.  All contributions to the Cerenity-Marian of Saint Paul Foundation are used locally to enhance the lives of our residents and are tax deductible as allowed by law.  You may give securely online by visiting Make A Difference

Because of generous people like you, Cerentiy-Marian of Saint Paul Foundation is able to help those in our care live lives to the fullest.  In times like this, we’re reminded of how interconnected we all are.  Thank you for being part of our community.