Introducing Kay!

    Please give a warm welcome to Kay Schumacher, Cerenity Marian’s  Administrator/CEO.

Kay has accepted the invitation to serve as administrator of Cerenity Marian during this exciting time. She comes to us with over 20 years of experience in senior care management, and sees it as her mission in life. Kay is passionate about working in senior living, and considers it the mission the Lord has given her. She looks forward to getting to know everyone on the campus, and has jumped right into doing so. She is excited about the renovation of the care center, and has donned her hard hat a few times to check on the day’s progress.  Kay brings a contagious enthusiasm for serving the seniors who call Cerenity Marian home.  She is committed to leading Cerenity Marian in continuing to provide high quality care to our residents.  We are looking forward to having Kay at the helm of Cerenity – Marian of Saint Paul.

Kay joins other Cerenity Marian associates who hail from Wisconsin. She was born and raised in Eau Claire, attended the University of Wisconsin –Eau Claire. Her plan was to graduate with a degree in biology and study dentistry at the University of Minnesota. The opportunity to volunteer at a nursing home during her sophomore year of college changed her course. She fell in love with senior care and decided to major in Healthcare Administration. She has never looked back.

After getting her feet wet in senior care as a volunteer, she was hired as an activity aide. Loving every minute of it! “Working in activities gave me the opportunity to have fun with residents and enhance their quality of life.” Her experience includes work in admissions, nutritional services, as a nursing assistant and in the business office. All of these experiences are the building blocks that lead her to becoming an administrator.

Kay’s experience includes work in both the not-for profit and for profit facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. During her time at Rose of Sharon the facility went through a renovation including many upgrades including the complete remodel of the entire care center floor. Her time at Augustana included 2 separate renovations projects during her several years there.   She brings energy and enthusiasm to the Cerenity Marian renovation project. “I am very excited that Marian is undergoing a renovation as it’s fun to watch the project come to life and see the new living spaces that our residents and families can enjoy.”

Healthcare is a small world and we tend to hear things about each organization. Marian is well-known for great care and the amazing Land of Oz. Kay’s visit to Cerenity Marian was in response to the invitation to Land of Oz with a good friend and her husband, who was working as administrator at that time. Word of Marian’s reputation came up once again at Izzy’s school. “Two years ago my Izzy’s second grade teacher told me of how her parents ended up here at Marian and what an amazing experience they had with this community. This teacher raved of the care, concern, and quality of services provided to her parents from all the staff at the community.”

Again last September she came across a Cerenity Marian information table at the school fall festival. Being a chatty person, she enjoyed conversation and learned about the great things happening here. Well into the conversation the discussion came around to the open administrator position at Marian.

“As I walked away, they never left my mind. I continued to think that God was telling me where I needed to go… and here I am! I am home and I love it here. I feel thankful to be at Marian and am so thankful to the Lord for bringing me to this special community! I go home each day filled with gratitude and I wake up each morning eager to serve.                       May God bless all of you!”