Addressing the Nursing Shortage in Minnesota

Look at how BHS, and specifically Cerenity Senior Care – Humboldt is addressing the nursing shortage to come.   The U.S. Census Bureau projects that the number of people age 65 and older will grow from about 48 million in 2015 to 73 million in 2030 to about 84 million in 2050.  We will need Direct Support Staff to care for the increase in elderly population, we have to address potential issues now, rather than later.

There are many ways Cerenity- Humboldt, and other BHS sites are addressing the issue of future and current nursing shortages: education and training.

Cerenity – Humboldt’s Nurse Aid, Monica, is highlighted in the article for her success from the GAP program to becoming an employee at Cerenity.  Over 120 students from GAP have volunteered at Cerenity Senior Care – Humboldt, including 22 this school year, and 14  are currently employed at Cerenity- Humboldt (one just started this week)!


Ministry members act to address short supply of direct care workers