A beautiful day for flying

It was a beautiful day for flying, as Cerenity Marian residents, Josie Kusz and James Chase took to the skies. Josie and James joined veterans from BHS and other facilities for a day to remember. Donning commemorative hats they climbed aboard the 1942 Boeing Stearman biplane for a flight that will be remembered for a lifetime.


When Josie climbed into the plane, she was so little she was barely visible from the ground. But that didn’t stop her from enjoying the experience. When she landed she pumped her fists to the crowd and exclaimed “fantastic!” “We were going 115-miles an hour, but it was very relaxing,” Kusz said. “It was such a beautiful experience.”

Also taking turns in the plane were James Chase of Cerenity Residence and Don Bridell of the Gardens at St. Gertrude’s. Chase is a U.S. Army veteran, serving from 1952-1954.

“It was an unforgettable experience for both Josie and James,” said Noelle Klund, Cerenity Marian housing director who accompanied the residents to the airfield. “They were so honored to be part of such an event and felt undeserving of the incredible experience. Both commented on the kindness and tenderness the pilot and volunteers showed towards them.

“Josie’s sense of humor caught the attention of everyone there. With both feet back on the ground she exclaimed she was ready to head back up and next time might even fiddle with the gadgets. Josie said she’d consider jumping out of a plane at her 90th birthday, not too far off.”