Marian of Saint Paul

Assisted Living Memory Care

Assisted Living Memory Care is housing with services for residents who require a safe environment due to memory loss. A caring environment is provided for 30 clients on the fourth floor at Cerenity Senior Care – Marian of St. Paul. Memory care is for designed for seniors with various types of dementia, experiencing mild to moderate stages of the disease. A wander guard system is in place to keep residents safe, ensuring they do not leave the floor unaccompanied.

The key features of this program are 24-hour resident assistant supervision, a 24-hour onsite nurse, and a catered activity schedule. Our personal staff, socialization opportunities, and private rooms create a homelike atmosphere.

Our staff members work hard to get to know the residents’ individual needs. From sleep schedules to favorite foods to past hobbies and occupations, Cerenity Marian offers an environment for seniors with dementia to thrive, and personal schedules to best accommodate them.

A continental breakfast is available for residents who are early to rise so they can eat when they wake up. Brunch is served late morning, offering a breakfast meal for residents who like to sleep in and a lunch option for those who are ready for their next meal of the day. Dinner is served in the small dining room, offering two meal options. Snacks and beverages are offered in the afternoon and evening, yet can be requested at any time.

Activity assistants lead activities every afternoon, including weekends, such as physical games, history trivia, music and crafts. Residents are escorted to other areas of the building when there is an activity that requires a large gathering space.

All rooms are private, and residents furnish the rooms with their personal belongings. Some suites – two rooms with a connecting bathroom – are available.

Four levels of personal care packages are available, ranging from basic to ultimate support. An RN will conduct an assessment prior to admission to this floor to determine whether staff can meet the needs of the resident, and if appropriate, to determine the service package that would most successfully meet a resident’s needs. The RN assessments are then conducted annually, and as needed, to ensure that our assisted living memory care unit, will continue to meet each individual resident’s ongoing needs. A special benefit of Cerenity Marian is the continuum of care on campus. If at any point a residents’ care needs outgrow the assisted living memory care environment, a long term care neighborhood is available on campus. Residents of Cerenity Marian receive priority placement upon availability.

Special features

• Chapel
• Gift shop
• Beauty/barber shop
• Smoke-free campus